February 14, 2019

What’s in a Name?

It’s a funny name, Homeschool Maximus.  Well, here is why I chose it.

Initially, I was planning on creating a website to help homeschool mamas easily find the best resources for their families. I knew from personal experience that sifting through curriculum catalogs and websites can be overwhelming.  

Overwhelming, it felt like that word just kept coming up. 

Homeschooling had me overwhelmed just a few years ago. Now, I was thinking about how overwhelming it can be to find the best resources. Then I started wondering how many other mama’s are overwhelmed just like I was. At a homeschool mama’s meeting, I heard other mamas mentioning how overwhelmed they feel trying to find balance in their homes, families and schools.

Soon I realized that I wanted to help overwhelmed homeschool mamas not be so overwhelmed any more.

Even though I didn’t know yet what this was going to look like, I knew it needed to be part of my website name.

We lean towards a classical style of education in our home.  We’ve been learning Latin for the past couple of years and enjoy seeing Latin words in everyday context. So I thought incorporating Latin into the website name might be fun.

On a whim, I plugged in the word overwhelming into an online Latin translator.  To my surprise it translated it as maximus.  Now I associate the word maximus with the English word maximum and suspect you might to. 

So I reversed the translation – Latin maximus back to English. This is what is translates back as:

The biggest, the greatest, the largest, eldest, longest, oldest, supreme, principal, main, highest, most. 

And I immediately thought, “This is what we want to do as mamas. We want to turn all that is overwheming us into all these amazing adjectives.”  

This is the goal of Homeschool Maximus.

Taking what is overwhelming us, discovering what our principal and main focus should be and turning our homeschool into something great. 

Now, try translating the words overwhelm and overwhelmed to Latin and back again.  Overwhelm will translate as obruent meaning drown and overwhelmed will translate at maerens which means sad. 

Mamas, you don’t have to drown and be sad! Rather, your homeschool should bring you great peace and joy.     

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