February 5, 2019

Welcome to Homeschool Maximus

I started Homeschool Maximus to help other homeschool mamas who are tired, overwhelmed and tired of being overwhelmed. 

I believe that even when our home and school don’t look the way we dreamed they would, we can still reclaim our dream!  Are you ready to join me on a journey to do just that?

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When you see these pictures of my children what is your reaction?  For me, these pictures stirred up two reactions.

 “Yes, that is how I want our school to look!”

 I want my children to have fun, be engaged with and enjoy what they are learning!  And selfishly, I want to have beautiful images like these to display on my Instagram feed and blog so that everyone else thinks I have my act together.  However, my second reaction betrays my reality.

“Why are these moments so rare?” 

Honestly, the authentic moment here is the first one.  My 2 year old playing happily with her sticker book, no guidance, no nagging, no interference from me.  The other picture was posed. 

Homeschool Maximus is part of my journey just as much as I hope it will be part of yours.

I took these pictures at the start of my journey to reclaim our homeschool.  I was tired of constantly being overwhelmed by all that homeschooling entails.  I was tired of nagging, nagging, nagging my 2nd grader to just finish his spelling lesson.  I was tired of feeling like I was floundering in a sea of resources and curriculum options.  I was tired of worrying that I didn’t know enough to properly educate my children.  I knew something had to change.

Has your homeschool journey left you overwhelmed?

Does your homeschool look different than you dreamed it would? 

So far in my journey I’ve learned so much.  I’ve grown as a person, a mom, and a teacher.  I’ve made changes to our life and school and seen many improvements as a result.  I’m so excited to share these changes with you as we work together to redefine, refine and reclaim our homeschools.

Are you ready to join me on the journey to reclaim our homeschools?

Leave me a note in the comments telling me about your greatest homeschooling struggle. I can’t wait to help you tackle it.

One Comment on “Welcome to Homeschool Maximus

July 28, 2019 at 2:51 pm

Yes. Im homeschooling my 3.5 year old. I would like to learn from you.


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