The Homeschooling Dream

Think back to why you choose homeschooling.  Was it so you could have more family time?  So you could grow and learn together?  Was it because you loved the idea of slow leisurely mornings of learning and afternoons spent curled up with good books?   Did you dream of letting your children pursue their interests and passions?  

Are you overwhelmed?

It is so easy to get overwhelmed!  To wonder if you are teaching your children enough. To doubt whether they will be prepared for “the real world.” To worry if they are doing too many worksheets or maybe too few?  To wonder if you understand their learning style and if your curriculum choices match what they need?  Or if the methodology you love is truly a good fit for your family?  All of these are valid concerns but if they becoming overwhelming it is easy to feel that your homeschooling dream is fading away. 

Reclaiming the dream

You can still have your dream homeschool! You can crawl out from the weight of the doubts, questions, and workload that is overwhelming you. I know because I’ve been there – constantly second guessing my choices, regularly considering whether public school would be a better option for everyone, and looking longingly at beautiful Instagram accounts depicting my dream homeschool.  I have discovered ways to reclaim our homeschool dream so even the tough days are no longer overwhelming.  I am so excited to help you do the same!

Join Me On The Journey

The Journey is our blog where I’m sharing our homeschooling journey as well as encouragement for the overwhelmed homeschool mom.  I look forward to hearing and being a part of your story!

Coming Soon

Over the coming months, we will be launching a number of exciting ways that we can help you reclaim your homeschool.  Here is a sneak peek at three of them. 

Resource Guide

We are compiling a guide to our favorite curriculum resources so that you can easily see what will best suit your family.  We’re searching the homeschool world for beautiful, wonderful, and well designed resources to help you teach your children. 

Learn More

Struggling with redefining and refining your homeschool dream?   We will be launching our one-on-one coaching soon.  We would love to come alongside you as you reclaim your homeschool and start creating the homeschool of your dreams.  

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Reclaim Guide

Want a step-by-step guide for your journey?  We are working on a book to walk you through each step of redefining, refining and reclaiming your homeschool dream and help you tackle three important questions: Why, How, and What.  

Welcome to Homeschool Maximus

I believe that even when our home and school don’t look the way we dreamed they would, we can still reclaim our dream!  Are you ready to join me on a journey to do just that? I started Homescho…
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Who is Sarah?

I am the creator of Homeschool Maximus, a wife, homeschool mother, lover of books and writing.  I am a second generation homeschooler.  My mother homeschooled me from K-12 long before it was cool!  

My husband and I have been homeschooling our children for the past 5 years and I’ve had many days when I wanted to throw in the towel, enroll them in public school, and sell all our homeschooling books.  While our homeschool isn’t perfect it is progressing towards our dream! I believe that the same strategies and mindset changes that turned our homeschool around can help you too!